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Our staff and our agents are professionals with high level of experience to serve islanders in sending and receiving money.

  • Currently we are a money transfer company registered in Australia, Tonga, New Zealand and Samoa.
  • Send a money transfer at our Agent location and your receiver can pick up the money at participating NEW Agents in Tonga, New Zealand and Samoa within minutes. It's the BEST and EASY way to transfer money.
  • Our services offerred minimal time with maximum convenience at a very competitive rate.
  • Try us today....only a few clicks away......




Nikua Money Transfer Limited

Main office address: Rainbow Building, Taufa'ahau Road, Mailetaha, Tongatapu, Tonga

Main office Phone: 27 111, Batheny Haven Store: 27 000

email address: or

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New Zealand


Mangere Branch

Nikua Group Pty Ltd

Main office address: 11/203 Kirkbride Road, Mangere, Auckland

Phone: (09) 257 3353, office

email : or

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Mt Roskill Branch

Address: 16 Kallu Crescent, Mt Roskill 1041, Auckland

Phone: (09) 620 4035, contact: Lesieli Tonga

email : or

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Niks Money Transfer

Toga Fotoi Medical Clinic Building

Matafele, Apia

Western Samoa

Phone: 685 26 485

contact: Dorophy

email address:

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